After university, i still feel unqualified to work

After a survey, we recently found that 49% of students are not qualified to work in their field

Never heard that term before? This concept describes people who are unable to realize their achievements. They're always afraid to be exposed as "fraud."

The truth is, you've ever felt this before, (especially after graduation), you're not alone

It is easy to fall into the trap of not recognizing your own achievements. Many of us feel the constant need to "prove something", although we do not have confidence in it. The knitting cycle

If so, keep reading

Immediately after graduation, I started working with a digital marketing agency. I was a real dream

My role? Creating content

It was the perfect job for me at this moment in my life. I was only 21. I loved writing. And that was a great starting point for my career. I knew what I was doing, and I was good at it. Even though I was in the "real world," the fear that many of my colleagues grieve has not lived in me. I was comfortable because some of us were lucky enough to feel

"Sometimes I wake up at night and go," Oh, shit! We're back!  What were they thinking? They gave me that part; don't they know I'm faking it? "

In spite of this, I had something that was crazled more. A constant push that I buried deep inside. It didn' t help me constantly look at all the other LinkedIn and social updates (as I'm sure we're all doing it in secret)

Was there any part of my life on the scene? I've been a constant preachin ' myself. After getting my level of communication, I knew I was passionate about more than just writing. I loved the strategy to get marketing and communication plans

I began to understand that I wanted to do more than just create materials. But I didn' t have the confidence to continue "more." I was always looking for my next shot, reminding myself that it's okay if I fail. I was still young. And it was expected

In spite of my varied experience and my specialty, I could not slow down, put myself on my back and say "good work."I always thought I should do more, and I was always sure I wasn't enough, or I didn' t know enough. I've never been able to internalize any of my achievements

Many of you may be related to this type of thought process. Even more than you, I am sure, may be related to the possibility that you do not have the opportunity to feel your achievement, even if it is deserved

You can probably together, that the panic was the first emotion on the surface when one of our account managers left the company to get another opportunity

My work was to keep track of the manager of the account and to create content based on established policies and editorial calendars

The truth is, I'm already part of some responsibility for managing accounts. I helped create editorial calendars, and I always asked for more work. It won't take long to decide that I'll just deal with it. I thought I felt like an impostor, but I don't

Why is it not so, I thought?

I started to fill out more editorial calendars on my own and send out content to customers for approval before posting on their social media accounts. I'm convinced that I'm marketing marketing for clients without telling anyone what to do or how to do it

It's temporary, I thought. I'm just filling in, and they'll soon hire someone who's qualified

There was another one in it. It's a feeling I was an impostor who wasn't qualified to work. He's always on the rebound

Despite this, the more time has passed, the more I began to feel more comfortable, directly and working with my own ideas. I have taken account management, but all the content required for the accounts is still being created

I do all the work in a post I didn' t expect to get for a few more years, but bad feelings never disappeared

Instead of hiring a new employee to the position I got, I got

"Okay, wait," I thought. Backup

Panic panic

I don't know what I'm doing. I don't have enough experience to do that. I'm not smart enough to do this. Don't they know that? Can't they see?

My thoughts were dancing in my mind, and I was wrapped around me like I did what was going on in my brain. It was like an alarm in my head, a detector that discovered fraud -- I.

I thought Jodie Foster, when she won the Oscar, convinced everyone to find me, get her back and give it back to the rightful owner, Meryl Streep

I made the right decision and there, that I didn' t feel like I could do this job. Then I waited for them to say that there was a mistake, but instead they were ... laughter

Do you have a job? They asked. You've already done it

In this case panic and negative thoughts panicked

I was so busy that I didn' t make a mistake. Or "find out" how insufficiently qualified for good performance. I never stepped back and realized that they were right

I was at the meeting and I was in excess of marketing materials. I killed him in the words of my colleagues. They didn' t see me as "fraud." They saw me as a man who took the initiative and filled a hole in the company, continuing to do his job

After we found the time to reflect that I was proud and excited-and that is exactly what you should feel when your hard work pays the same. Because even if you think you're not doing enough, or you're not smart enough, you might be wrong

Does that mean I know everything you need to know about digital marketing, or am I the smarest person in a room full of people?

Does this mean that I am an expert in all sectors of my client, and I understand every challenge I face inside and out?

That means I'm qualified for this mission because I took the time to learn how to do it and apply my existing skills. I wanted to take more responsibility and learn new things

The motto I am about to tell everyone is "to pretend until you make it," nobody really knows everything, but you can certainly try your best.  If you make a 100% effort, you will never be able to "fail" or be a fraud to this issue

The initiative, hard disk, and hard work are what they pay in life, regardless of age, or if you just finished your work

Do something else a little bit-that's how you get noticed and memorable, and internalize the praise you deserve when you make the above and beyond

I don't mean to say that you're not afraid when you're given a new opportunity, because it's hard not to feel anxious or nervous about something new. " What I say is an opportunity, even when you've experienced fear, because only when you get embarrassed when you really learn, adapt and grow

Put pressure on your boundaries beyond fear, and don't stop until you get where you want to go

Do I still feel like an impostor?

A few days. It will take some time to disappear completely, but I am going to keep you in secret: we are all impostors, at least in every new class, new speciality or new position

That way, he'll be a fake, until you put him in yourself like the rest of you. You can do that. I'M

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