How to Start a Book Blog

How to Start a Book Blog

True book lovers usually enjoy discussing what they read with like-minded die-hard reading fans. So, starting a book blog can be a perfect opportunity to share your opinions with those who care and even build a devoted audience. 

While creating such a blog may seem intimidating, it’s not that difficult once you learn the ropes. In this article, we’ll tell you how to write a book blog that will be read. 

Read on to find out.

Why Should You Start a Book Blog?

Before you learn how to do it, it’s essential to know why you would want to start a book blog in the first place. We can give you three reasons, but there are more.

So, why start a blog about reading? 

  1.  To share thoughts, ideas, and opinions. 

Because isn’t it great to have like-minded discussion companions who know exactly what you’re talking about?  

  1. To find an audience. 

Because if you want to make an impact, you need to make yourself heard.  

  1. To hone writing skills. 

Because the more you write, the better you do it – and books are a perfect topic to write about.  

The Best Book Blog Names: Choose the Right One

While there are no perfect blog names, choosing a good one still means a lot. You can find book blog name ideas on the Internet, but it’s better to brainstorm your own. 

To do it, focus on the main aspects of your blog – primarily, the content types and the genres. You can also use the names of popular book blogs like or as examples and try to come up with something as concise and memorable. 

Choose the Best Platform for Your Book Blog

You already know a lot about how to start a book blog. Next, you need to choose a hosting platform. See the list of the best options below. 


Being the most popular blogging platform on the Internet, WordPress is the optimal solution for most websites including book blogs. It’s also great for monetizing your blog as it gives you full control over your site. WP offers an abundance of free themes and supports numerous plugins, too. 


Blogger is an easy-to-navigate free platform favored by many popular book bloggers. It’s owned by Google, so you’ll only need your account to get started. This platform offers limited customization options compared to WordPress, but what it does offer is free. Plus you can use the advantages of Adsense and Adwords.  


Being a fine blend of social media and a traditional blogging platform, Tumblr hosts a number of top book blogs. This microblogging platform is perfect for you if you tend to write shorter posts and don’t want many customization options. Tumblr posts are also easy to share, but non-monetizable.   


Starting a book blog on Drupal is a great idea if you are tech-savvy enough. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a professional developer who knows all the nuances of this sophisticated platform. However, Drupal is highly reliable and has many advantages – flexibility, excellent security, and more. 

Customize Your Blog About Books

After you’ve chosen the best platform, you need to customize your book blog to make it attractive and memorable.  

Choose Theme

Many platforms like WordPress or Blogger provide a wide choice of free high-functionality themes for book bloggers. So, you can start with picking one. If you’re unsure what to choose, check the best book blogs on your platform to get an idea of how a book blog should look like.  

Introduce Yourself

Next, it’s essential to introduce yourself to your readers. Spare no time on this task because your introduction section is what’s going to make your site stand out from other blogs for book lovers. First, capture your audience’s attention, and then explain why you’ve decided to start a book blog. Remember to also provide your contacts such as email addresses and social media accounts so that people might easily get in touch with you.   

List Your Favorite Books

People come to visit book blogs because they are interested in books. But all of us have different tastes. To ensure that you find your audience, list your favorite books and genres so that people could know they’ve found the right book blog. 

You needn’t write a long list for the book blog – just a few titles or genres will be enough. But don’t forget to mention what it is that you find interesting in these books or genres.  

List Your Favorite Book Sites

Your favorite book blog sites like Goodreads can help you find an audience. It’s essential for beginning book bloggers to list their favorite book sites on their blogs. Once you do so, be a proactive user – write reviews and comments to attract people and drive them to your blog.  

Create a Content Plan for Your Book Blog

A content plan is crucial for any blog. On starting a book blog, you should decide what type of content you’re going to post and how often. To work effectively, you’ll need a plan for the nearest month at least, with topics, formats, and dates written in a table. 

It’s also good to have 3-5 posts written and ready to post so that you won’t have to do it in a rush once you start promoting your blog. Don’t treat this lightly as the content is the most important component of all book blogs.

Types of Content to Post on Your Book Blog

While there are some book blogs that focus on one content type, it’s better to make your blog for books content versatile. Here are some ideas on what to post.

Book Reviews

The most popular content type in all book blogs is book reviews. Writing a review is the most convenient way of sharing your impressions and opinions of a particular book, and the most searched-for content type for book lovers.  

Top Lists

You can never go wrong with top lists, be it a list of the best books you’ve read in a month or of the best literary blogs you’ve come across recently. This content type is easy and engaging, and it can drive a lot of traffic, too. 


Essays are less common in book blogs as they are usually more linked to academia. However, this content type can be very attractive to students who always look for inspiration on the Internet, as well as to the more sophisticated readers who like to analyze.  

Book Indusrty News

News is a great way to diversify your content, and many blogs about reading books make use of it. It also helps to show your audience that you’re “in”, holding your hand on the pulse of what’s going on in the industry. However, take care to post only relevant news. 

Interviews and Challenges

A blog without interactivity can become boring very soon. Interviews and challenges can help to engage your readers, especially if you manage to find someone famous or invent a truly fun challenge that will set you trending on social media (more on that later). 

Guest posts

Last but not least, there are guest posts that can be beneficial in many ways. Firstly, guest posts from the most popular book bloggers can generate traffic for your blog. Secondly, they can save your time and make the content on your site more versatile.   

Social Media is a Great tool for the Success of your Book Blog

So, you have your book blog all ready. What’s next? Now, it’s crucial to start promoting it to drive traffic and build an audience. One of the best ways to do it is to use the promotional opportunities that social media offer. 

All the most popular book blogs use social media for promotional and advertising purposes, and you can see how they do it to get an idea. Many blogs about books and reading have social media accounts as well, and book bloggers effectively use them to reach out to a wider audience that wouldn’t have found their sites otherwise.  

As to what social media channel to use, it’s for you to decide where you feel most comfortable. Our advice is that you definitely need to try Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Messengers like WhatsApp can also be of some use.

Summary of How to Create a Book Blog

That’s about all that you need to know about how to start a book blog. As you see, it isn’t too difficult, technically. What’s truly hard is to make your particular site or page good enough to compete with the best book blogs out there.  

If you’re sure you want to start a book blog, keep in mind that there are no strict rules about what it should be like in the end. After all, writing is all about creativity and a person’s unique vision. So, the more creative your approach will be, the better. 

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