How to Write an Essay on a Book You Didn’t Read

How to Write an Essay on a Book You Didn't Read: A Simple, Step-By-Step Guide

Writing an A-level essay about reading book can be a pain on its own. Typically, it takes solid skills, lots of time, and at least a few rounds of reading in order to craft a top-notch paper. But, do things really have to be so hard?

In this article, we will share with you the handiest tips to help you write an essay on book you haven’t read quickly and easily, and, at the same time, ensure the highest grade.

What Is a Book Review Essay?

In our guide, we will help you learn how to start a book review essay even if you haven’t read the book. But, first, let’s define what a book review essay is.

A book review essay is a short piece of writing that reflects on a particular literary work. Such papers present a whole book review with constructive analysis of the author’s ideas, writing style, techniques, etc.

The main purpose of this task is to check if students have actually read the assigned book, assess how well they understood it, and, also, let them share their own thoughts on it.

How to Write an Essay on a Book?

When pondering over how to write an essay about a book you didn’t read, the first idea that will probably cross your mind is to look for a ready-made essay on the Internet. After all, the chances that someone has already written a good essay on the same topic are pretty high. But, we encourage you not to give in to this temptation so as not to get a low grade.

Instead, use other ready-made essays only as examples for writing your own paper. And follow along with our tips on writing an essay on a book to ensure success!

Take Notes While Reading

So, how to start an essay about a book without reading the whole thing? The first thing to do is to carefully read the requirements for your essay in order to understand what information you need to pay attention to. Then, you will move on to skimming through the book. And the first tip is to always take notes while reading. If you write down the key information and ideas it will significantly simplify the process of essay writing book.

You Must Read Introduction and Conclusion

If you want to succeed in writing essay books without wasting too much time, the main rule you have to remember is that reading the book’s introduction and conclusion is a MUST! You may not read the whole piece, but reading the introduction and conclusion will help you grasp the main idea of the book and understand what the author wants to emphasize in it. This trick will help you gather enough information to reflect on this book in essay.

Quickly Read Chapters of the Whole Book

Reading the first and last chapters (intro and conclusion) is vital, but it’s not always enough to grasp the whole idea. Thus, if you want to learn how to write a book essay well, we advise you to read the first paragraph of each chapter to understand the idea better.

Choose a Couple of Main Points

Since a reading essay is often quite short, no one expects you to examine the whole book from core to core. Thus, when you grasp what the book is about, choose a couple of main points (or more, depending on the length) to focus on in your essay on book.

Make the First Draft

Now, how to introduce a book in an essay? When you get over all the preparatory steps and define your focus points, you can move on to completing your first draft by writing down the most important information and ideas for your essay about the book.

Quotes Are One of the Most Important Points in Your Essay on Book

Direct quotes play a huge role in the process of essay writing books review. Professors love to see them in students’ works, so this is a very responsible step. But, here is a trick - the more quotes you find, the less you will have to write yourself.

To use quotes from the book in essay to your benefit, find chapters that relate to the main points you previously selected and review them to find quotes. After you find quotes that explain or support your point of view, put them in the main paragraphs.

Pro Tip: When reading and writing essay ideas, be sure to mark pages that contain the most relevant quotes so that you can return to them later.

Point Your Sources

When thinking about how to talk about a book in an essay using quotes, the main rule is to always cite your quotes accordingly. It will help the teacher see that you’ve read the book and found all the quotes yourself.

Cite sources as required in the guidelines for your essay about reading book provided by the teacher. And remember that the more sources and pages you add, the more it will look like you’ve carefully read the entire book.

Write an Essay on a Book With Us!

In this article, we’ve gathered all the main tips and tricks for successfully writing an essay on a book. However, sometimes even the handiest tips can’t help you create a compelling review of a book in an essay, especially if you lack the time or the task is too complex.

But don’t get desperate just yet! If you still don’t feel confident in your skills even after reading our guide on how to write an essay on a book you didn't read, we’ve got you covered!

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