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The campus police were named as candidates for a meeting of the student union from Scarborough Student Union (SCSU), when about 50 students entered the conference room as long as he was "

A group of students protested against the dismissal of three candidates for leadership positions. At the University of Toronto Scarborough, the University of Scarborough, the protesters entered SL232 (around 17:00)

The group of protestors was led by Dean Hassan, Rae Alibux and Asif Khan. Deena is the current Vice President for SCSU operations. Both Alibux and Khan ballotat as president of SCSU. Hassan was launched for the position of Vice President. However, all three of them were suspended from the race, leaving only one candidate for president

A physical altercation has taken place, resulting in the injury of a senior inspector (CRO), Mahir Zuber, and the internal coordinator of the SCSU Arthi Velupilli request medical treatment for a hand injury

Alibux, 19, student-commercial, says the quarrel occurred because members of the SCSU could not enter the door

" CCRO and [ Velupillai] tried to lock the door using the weapon to lock the door and started pushing back.  We raised our hands up, we just tried to pass, and we pushed it, " said Alibuks

After they were introduced, Alibux and Hassan were in the conference table. Hassan, he gave a speech about the alleged corruption of SCSU to those who stayed in the room

At that point, the campus police was called. According to Alibux, they were waiting in the Albiux and Hassan corridor to finish their speeches

Then they started talking to people one at a time. Alibux and other protesters have filed video of the treason as evidence of their innocence. According to Alibux, the campus police killed a couple of names, but allowed everyone else to go out

The campus police are continuing the investigation

According to Varsity, Hassan was disqualified for "abuse of power." She had a sweater that indicates that she was the current Vice President of the operations during the voting. According to Varsity, this is against SCSU rules

Alibux was disqualified to not get enough student signatures. According to Varsity, "bad practice" was involved. Thus, the validity of the 100 signatures needed to be eligible to run for office was questioned. This led to disqualification. However, Alibux claims that he received 102 signatures. It indicates that SCSU has mistakenly determined that 3 of the signatures were invalid

" They said these three weren't students at school. That's funny, ' cause I know one of them. I have classes with him. But when I offered to provide them with evidence, they would not cooperate. "

The petition where the message is placed

"We students from the University of Toronto Scarborough," the petition says. "To demand that the current process of election to the Board of Directors and the executive election of the Student Union be immediately put into place."

These include claims that the CRO is biased against one of the candidates. There was also no evidence of why Alibux, Hassan and Khan were disqualified. Finally, the allegations that the current SCSU members were sent/received support for a particular candidate. According to the petition, it violates the constitution

At the time of publication

The plan was for the campaign, which will start on January 23 after the candidates ' meeting. As of 24 January, it had not begun. Though, according to

"Nafisa Mohamed, Chairman of the Committee on Elections and Referendums of the SCSU (ERC), the ERC should reconvene and transfer another meeting of candidates before the campaign period."

" Despite the delay in the start date, the elections will not actually stop. The voting will continue on February 6-8, " the document said

SCSU still needs to be declared if they allow the start of Alibex, Hassan, and Hana. Alibux says if the SCSU rules are with them, they plan to appeal to the Governing Council

The SCSU managers did not respond to our requests for comments

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